Quadrants is a HAWK project aimed at exploring stories from four unique angles; Community, Connection, Presence & Meaning. In collaboration with key members of the Calgary community, HAWK observes, documents and engages in events and stories from in and around the city. A sort of expose, Quadrants seeks to make connections in and around the underground. 

Waking on Water - Q&A with Matt Robertson

In May 2015, surf anywhere and the Alberta River Surfing Association successfully completed the best sculpted river wave in Canada. The Mountain is on the Lower Kananaskis River 40 minutes west of Calgary, Alberta, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  The result of 10 years of work, The Mountain has created a vibrant and growing surf community pulling from communities over two hours from the wave. The Mountain runs 365 days a year.

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I’m not exactly sure when Thom discovered bike polo, but I don’t think he has stopped since he played his first game. The reason I can’t remember when he started is because I didn’t take him seriously at first. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would play bike polo, let alone form a community around it.

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Be Here, Now

I am growing more particular with my circle of friends as I age, and as a result I expect a greater level of presence when sharing space with my chosen companions. Time with others feels so much more intentioned, planned, and purposeful these days – so it seems to be owed a certain level of focus.

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Flavour is Secondary

Boogies’ Burgers is a burger joint with nothing to prove. Tucked away in an unassuming little plaza off Edmonton Trail NE, this place might be one of Calgary’s best kept secrets. Or is it? At the dawn of 2016, Boogies’ Burgers took first place in a community’s quest for the ultimate local burger experience -
a title certainly not distributed lightly.

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