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Quadrants YYC


For two weeks in January 2018, we shared an art installation in a corner of Calgary’s Gerry Thomas Gallery, a rad little spot in the Beltline.

Our installation was part of something called BIG Studio - a collection of local art showcased in partnership with BIG Winter Classic, an annual Calgary music festival in the dead of winter.

We asked people to fill out postcards telling us what they love about their community and then rolled those ideas into an illustrated map of Calgary.

We ended up with over 140 postcards, which we think is dope as hell.

Thanks Calgary.


We projected the map on a wall in the gallery using a super 80's overhead projector and swapped the transparency out week over week to include the stuff we drew in response to the postcards.

QuadrantsYYC projection, week two of BIG Studio | Gerry Thomas Gallery | Calgary, AB

QuadrantsYYC projection, week two of BIG Studio | Gerry Thomas Gallery | Calgary, AB

We hung four black mailboxes; one for each quadrant. Over the course of BIG Studio, they filled up with postcards telling us why Calgary is awesome. 

Here's a look at the evolution of the project; from the postcards we received to the drawings we used to get conversation going on instagram

QuadrantsYYC Map_v1

QuadrantsYYC Map_v1


We threw a bunch of nearly blank postcards down on a table below the projection and invited people to write or draw us something they feel about their community. We were blown away by the response, it was hilarious and real.



We kept the conversation going online - here's some of the stuff we posted to Instagram during BIG Studio.

QuadrantsYYC Map_v2

QuadrantsYYC Map_v2