Some of the stuff that keeps us busy. 



I grew up in Millarville southwest of the city limits. Out there, biking is either of the mountain or the spandex variety. I accepted them as the only kinds of biking and never thought much more about the topic. Then I moved into Calgary.

My binary view of bikes was shattered, and as I dove deeper into the spiralling hole of urban cycling, I discovered the fixed gear. It changed me.

There is nothing more satisfying than throwing on some good beats and pedalling to your destination – be it school, work or some other errand. If the sun is out, your pedals are turning, the wind is in your ponytail, and you are in a happy place – well, I am.

bic yyc le offers only a shallow glimpse into those happy places. Through the combination of my favourite jams and some of the images I’ve captured along the way, I hope to push you toward a bike and out for a rip.