Some of the stuff that keeps us busy. 

Baptiste Lake

Baptiste Lake Tree Farms LTD. specializes in delivery and machine planting of mature, prairie hardy trees for commercial, residential, and oil field applications. 

They needed a new logo and came to us. 

The final logo is simple and fresh, expressing the very nature of the organization.

Tree Variations

We started with the tree. Wanting to get it right, we showed the client a variety of tree shapes before moving forward.



Our mood boards showed images like this - original photos showcasing Southern Alberta and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We pitched a few different options and the client told us what they liked. We ended up playing with rich blues and greens. 


Logo Iterations

We presented two different concepts to the client. This concept, inspired by merit badges, ended up being the basis for the design. Integrating the new colour pallete, we threw some more iterations at the client before settling on the final logo.


Final Shape & Colour 

By combining the client's favourite bits and pieces, we ended up with the following shape. Balance and simplicity are achieved through the application of the golden ratio, a nifty little formula found in art and in nature. No logo should rely on colour alone - by first presenting these iterations in black and white, we’re assessing the form at a base level.

The client asked us to kick the colours up a bit, so the the primary blue and green became more vibrant in the final iteration. 



Typographic suggestions were made with cleanliness and simplicity in mind - nothing fancy; just fresh, balanced and easy to read. The client ended up going for a combination of Archer light and Archer Bold.


Final Wordmark