Calgary Bike Polo

Calgary Bike Polo

Calgary Bike Polo means a lot to our little community of cyclists here in Calgary. Willis has grown especially connected with them, to the point they asked for his help with a new logo. Since then, we've kicked things up with a creative campaign for their Stampede tournament.

Ride free.

The Logo - Bike Polo bone shaker

Big shout out to John Vooys for his help with this one - and to the whole Bike Polo game for rockin the swag.


On a Steel Horse, I Ride.

This creative framework was designed for Calgary Bike Polo, to be used during their ‘Stampede’ tournament. Stampede in Calgary is mainstream, but Calgary Bike Polo is not. We wanted to play with that. 

The concept presented is anti-stampede - while at the same time playing right into the shenanigans we all love to hate. Give me a corndog and a plaid shirt any day of the year, am I right?

July in Calgary, ridiculous. While the buckaroos next door are kickin' up dirt, we’ll be in the court. They last 8 seconds, we last all year long. 


Graphic Elements

It’s like Halloween in July, the way everyone hits the cowboy costume shop. We’re riffing off bonanza, paper dolls, cos-play and crafts. 

Cowboy Boot
For starters, some shit kickers.

Cowboy Hat
Heidi and Howdy approve.

Rope to cowboys is like multi-tools to cyclists.


Color - bright like that fresh plaid

We may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but we’re certainly the most colourful.
The fact is no matter your age, when you ride a bike you instantly feel ten years old. There’s something about biking that keeps you young, and we wanted to celebrate that in full technicolor.


Typography - handwritten realness

This isn’t a font - Willis' handwriting really is this terrible. 
We wanted to express realness, rawness and black sharpie goodness. So Willis picked up a good old fashioned marker and made it happen. We’re grassroots - this shit doesn’t happen in a computer. Everything is hand-drawn and scanned in for that one-of-a kind-made-special-just-for-you vibe. 

Application - all the accessories

We plan to use this concept in a whole bunch of ways - for starters: some posters for posting all over town, stickers, spoke cards for showing your polo pride, and spoke covers for the extra-stoked.

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