BWC 2019

BWC Brand Concepts

We’ve narrowed it down to two different type treatments and a couple weirdo smileys for BIG 2019. Check them both out, below.


Concept One

We took this font from everyone’s favourite smiley and turned it into something new. Whether we choose to turn that i into an exclamation mark or not, this font is bold and grungy - just like this year’s creative. The texture will fit in perfectly to what we’ve already teased out, and the messy letters express a certain character we feel good about.

Artboard 6 copy 22-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 20-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 37-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 38-100.jpg


Concept Two

This concept won the vote so we kept working with it to provide a few more options. It’s not much different from concept one but the font selection creates a different look and feel. It’s more structured, it has more depth.

Artboard 1 copy 9-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 23-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 33-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 34-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 26-100.jpg
Artboard 6 copy 39-100.jpg